A good selfie

How to take a perfect selfie for boys and girls

Hello lovelies. Welcome to Kesyhub. Everybody loves a good selfie! Growing a good Instagram or Facebook feed, you need to have some cute pictures of yourself, selfie including in other to do that.

I am a girl that loves to take a lot of selfies. Some of which come out great, and some few others…not so great (if I must confess).

A selfie of course, is a picture of the face (usually), but you might also want a selfie of your neck, probably showing off your cute necklace, earing, and probably a style on your dress. It is simply called a selfie as it was taken by you using a smartphone or a webcam.

People make many mistakes while taking a selfie that of course can be avoided and corrected.

In order to take a good selfie there’s a few things you might want to consider. These things might vary depending on how you want your picture to look like so without much talk


The camera in use and the camera quality is very important. My phone camera is 13 megapixel and with a good lighting, a selfie would come out fine.

You must not always have to use your phone to take the selfie. When I can get a hold of a friend’s phone whose camera is better, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it to take a good selfie.



There are over hundred camera applications and a lot more are coming up as you read. Some people still love to use the phone camera, which is perfectly OK as far as it comes out exactly the way you want it.

It is not about the number of camera applications you have at your disposal but it is about sticking to the best camera application you come across.

Try out different photo apps until you find the perfect one for you. Also, use the different filters the app has to offer, until you find the one that you can fall in love with.

Personally, I to use ‘sweet selfie’. It has lots of filters and my selfies come out just fine when I work with it.



Ooh yes! The background matters a lot. You want to take a selfie behind tall building, a neat street or any environment that looks appealing to the eyes. Also, you want to take note of the kind of Instagram theme you are working with. Know more about Instagram themes on Later.com

A covered area where there is no light coming in would reduce the quality of your selfie. This is important, so you don’t end up ruining your picture while cropping off somethings you don’t like.



While taking a selfie, you must take note of the angle where your selfie is cutest. Knowing your cute side requires a lot of practice. Stand in front of the mirror to determine your best angle or better still, take lots of selfie from different angles to see which the best is. I love taking a selfie to my right holding the phone up and the camera tilting down at a certain level.

Everybody has theirs, find out what yours is.



One of the most important rules of taking a good selfie is your lighting. Not just any lighting but natural lighting. Lighting is definitely the best beauty product that you don’t have to pay for. Be sure to turn your face to a window with natural lighting or better still, go outside and face the direction of sunrise.

Good lighting can remove under eye bag and shadows from your face.



A major mistake anyone can make is take a selfie with a big shadow covering your face. Trust me on this one, it wouldn’t look nice at all. So to completely avoid shadows, face the sun completely or look away from the sun completely. Don’t stand in-between because that will cause a shadow to be cast over your face.

Taking a selfie midday when the sun is very high is not advisable as you would find yourself straining your eyes and it tends to produce shadows on your face. To avoid that, move completely under a shade and take that perfect selfie.



When taking a selfie you should do a little calculation of what you want to cover in the selfie. For instance, if you wish to cover your hair in the selfie, then be sure to take a selfie that does not cut it off.

Make your selfie accurate to take your entire face and most part of your body to at least under your chest area (if you wish to make it that way). Also avoid taking a selfie that is too close to your face or too far from your face. Just be calculative!



So if you managed to get all the tips above right and your appearance is not good, that selfie will not come out nice all.

Don’t take a selfie when you are too sweaty or with an extremely oily face. Also, don’t take a selfie when you are stressed out or when you are not just in the mood to take a selfie, yea…that matters too.



After taking a cute selfie, you shouldn’t spoil it by applying too many filters on it. When you edit a picture too much, it loses its originality and natural look. When editing your selfie and you increase the lighting to a point the picture is hardly seen, the picture will be ruined.

You can also play with the humidity, vibrancy, sharpness and other features but be sure not to apply them too much as not to lose the picture value and originality.

As a good practice, edit all your pictures the same way to have a beautiful and uniform Instagram theme.



No matter how cute your face is, a fake smile would not give you a good selfie. Avoid forcing your face into a grin.

If you are going with a more serious selfie, try smiling with your eyes. This would also apply if you want to pout, try smiling with your eyes as well. It’s advisable to practice in front of a mirror until you find the perfect smile for your selfie.

Please note that you should take a lot of selfies, I mean a lot and then look through them and keep the cute ones.

Thanks for reading and I hope it was useful. If you enjoyed it, share this post and drop a comment bellow and tell me how these tips worked out for you.

Ask me any question and I will be happy to answer.

Until next time, much love.