Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes

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Today I am going to be sharing with you some essential brushes every girl should own. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to own makeup brushes. Brushes are necessary for your everyday makeup routine.

There are so many brushes that perform specific tasks while applying your makeup but some brushes can also be used to perform more than one function.

In this post, you will be introduced to carefully selected brushes for which you can work around your daily makeup routine and is also advisable to go for these brushes first if you hope to become a makeup artist if you cannot afford the entire kit yet.

The basic brushes you should add to your vanity bag include



Be it liquid, powder or cream foundation, finding the right foundation brush to use is never easy. Note that different kind of foundation brushes equals different kind of finishing.

Here are two 2017 foundation brushes you could choose from:

  1. Beauty Blender
Beauty blender

Makeup Beauty Blender

The beauty blender has an elliptical-shaped end which makes it easy to apply foundation perfectly. Thus, the reason why most Youtubers have it on their makeup videos. It is very affordable as it is easy to use.

Note that the beautyblender is better used for liquid and cream foundation and gives a perfect result when it is moist.

How to Use: Apply foundation on the face and work on it with a moist beauty blender until you see an even blend.

  2. Expert Face Brush

Expert face brush

Expert Face Brush

The Expert face Brush is perfect for applying foundation on every nook and cranny of the face. It is very easy to use and convenient as well.

How to use: Dip the doomed head of the brush lightly on foundation, making sure not to take too much at a time and apply wherever you need in a circular manner. Work your way with the brush until it blends into the skin.



Eye makeup happens to be the most complicated makeup to do and as such, the list of eye makeup brushes is never ending. Although there are two major brushes you must own for a good eye makeup.

  1. Flat Eye shadow brush

Flat eyeshadow brush

Flat Eyeshadow brush

The flat eyeshadow brush has a flat surface that makes it perfect for applying eyeshadow on the eye lids.

How to use: Rub brush on eye shadow in a zigzag manner and apply carefully on the eye lids. Continue applying until you are satisfied with the look.

  2. Blending Brush

Blending brush

Blending Brush

The blending brush has a doomed end designed for shading the crease of your eyes. Also, this brush can be used to blend highlighter along the cheek of the bone.

How to use: Dab brush on a darker shade of eyeshadow and sweep across the section of the eye just above the crease.

To highlight the chick bone, use the brush to apply highlighter or bronzer above the chick bone. Be careful not to apply too much.


Concealer brush

Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is used to hide little flaws on our face from the world..lol, except of course you have a perfect skin. It is designed to blend color perfectly into the skin. Also, this brush is very useful in defining the brows after filling it with brow pencil.

How to use: Use concealer brush to apply color a tone lighter than your skin to under the eyes, the sides of the nose and any dark corners of your face.

As a finishing process to the brow after filling with brow pencil, apply color a tone slightly lighter than your skin color under and above the brow and blend it in properly into the skin while maintaining the shape of your brow.

This usually requires a lot of practice to perfect it.


Powder brush

Powder Brush

The powder brush can also perform more than one function as well.

How to use: Using the flat end of the brush to collect powder, blush or bronzer and apply on the desired part of the face according to the product in use and be sure not to take too much product at a time. Work around your face until you see an even blend.



Blush brush

Blush Brush


The blush brush is used to apply liquid or powder blush as well as highlighter or bronzer onto the cheeks.

How to use: Dab brush on blush or highlighter and carefully apply on the cheeks with a continuous “to and fro” motion until it blends in. Also, you might want to  smile first before applying content on your raised cheeks because smiling helps you to know where to focus the blush on.


So, go ahead and get these basic makeup brushes. You can get these brushes from jumia or any other online store as well as from makeup stores close to you.

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