The eye makeup is known to be one of the hardest makeup to do. This is because for it to come out nice, it requires a lot of precision and accuracy. This simple eye makeup tutorials for beginners will help you understand basic tips about eye makeup.

I must quickly add here that to be good at eye makeup, you need a lot of practice and even more practice. I used to suck at eye makeup but after much practice, I can say that my eye makeup always comes out the way I want it.

The images on this tutorial are not mine.

Simple eye makeup tutorial for beginners

Simple eye makeup tutorial for beginners

1. Prime your eyes

The eye primer helps to make your eyeshadow stick properly to the eyelids. It also makes your eye makeup last longer and beautiful as well.

Can you do without the primer?

If you need a flawless eye makeup, then you cannot do without it. When I am out of eye primer, I use my concealer (I use pro concealer) to act in place of the primer and I still end up with a perfect finishing.

There is a whole post on how I prime my eyes you should totally check out.

2. Applying color for transition

For the transition, I like to go in with two colors, a light color and then a darker color that is a tone or two darker than my skin to create a dark shade in that region. The transition helps to define your eyeshadow and gives your shadow a depth.

Simple eye makeup for beginners : Applying color for transition

Applying color for transition

Using an eyeshadow brush with a stipple end, I apply the darker color after the lighter one on to the folded part of my eyes just above the crease.

How do you identify the crease?

Close your eyes and place your hands on our eyes, the point where your eye bulb ends is the crease of your eyes.

simple eye makeup tutorial for beginners : Labelled parts of the eye for eye makeup

Labelled parts of the eye for eye makeup

I use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the colors properly so that that I can create a smooth gradient with no lumps or lines.

3. Apply shadow on the lids

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I take a shimmery color that is in the same family of the color I used for transition and dab on the eye lids. I like to dab it instead of a zig-zag motion because dabbing reduces the rate at which the shadow will fall on your face.

simple makup tutorial for beginners :Flat eyeshadow brush

Flat eyeshadow brush

Using the fluffy brush again, I blend these two colors together to form an even gradient between the colors.


4. Darkening the outer V region of the eye

I take a brush with a stipple end and apply the darker color I used for transition and starting from the end of my eyes, I work the color into the crease of my eyes. I repeat this until it is dark enough for me.

Note here that you can also use a black eyeshadow color to define your V if you need it to look smoky.

Take that fluffy blending brush again and blend all the colors together. At this point, I like to blend using small circular motions along the crease to better blend the colors and remove bumps and lines.

5. Darkening the upper lash line and water line

With an eye liner brush, I take a little liquid liner and apply on my upper lash line making sure not to wing it too much at the end especially because I want to create a simple look.

When I am in a hurry, I like to use my black eye pencil to do this. I sharpen it properly and without putting much effort, I darken my upper lash line. (My little secrete).

Now I take my black eye pencil and darken my water line as well.


6. Lighting the inner duct and using Mascara

I take a light color, I usually use a white shimmery eye shadow and apply on my inner duct using a small brush or my little finger.

At this point, I apply my false lashes (when I am in the mood for it) before going ahead to use the mascara on my lashes.

With this, I am done with my eyes and ready to finish my makeup.

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