HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT LIPSTICK SHADE FOR YOUR SKIN TONE…see the right lipstick shade for your skin tone

It’s never an easy task deciding what lipstick shade to get when we get to the lipstick store and we find ourselves confused and unsure of the lipstick color that would match. You probably end up buying a color that you fell in love with because it looked good on someone else or you just get one that you are yet to have in your vanity bag without considering the right lipstick shade for your skin tone.

In this post, I would be sharing some easy tips on how you can pick the right lipstick color for your skin tone and these are some really easy tips you can work with.

How to pick the right lipstick shade for your skin

How to pick the right lipstick shade for your skin


Fair skin tones



Fair skin colors look really good on colors such as blue- reds, light pinks and light peach.


Medium skin colors

medium skin tone

medium skin tone

For people with medium skin tone, their lipstick colors should be mild and deep. Color such as medium pink, apricot, orange-peach, and reds.


Olive skin tone


Olive skin tones go for even darker colors of lipstick. Colors that would go well with this skin color are dark rose, berry, apricot, and dark reds.

Dark skin tones

Dark skin tones

Colors that are best for dark skin tones are brownish reds, golden beige, and dark berries.


Skin tones and their lipstick colors

Skin tones and their lipstick colors


There are basically two inherent skin tones regardless of the skin color. There is the warm and the cool skin tone.

When choosing lipstick colors using your undertone, it is best to choose colors that are similar or in the same color family as your undertones.

To determine your undertone, go under the sun and examine the color under your skin and the color of your vein.

If you have a green undertone, then you are warm toned and if you have a blue undertone then you are definitely cool toned.

Some of you will find it hard determining your skin tone, then you are probably neutral toned and you have no worries with choosing a lipstick color.

If you have a cool skin tone

This means that you have a blueish undertone. You would look best in colors like pink, pale pink and beige for a lighter and simpler look and for a more bold look, you should go for pale brown, deep chocolate and deep raisin.


How to pick the right lipstick shade : Cool skin tone

Cool skin toned people

If you have a warm skin tone

How to pick the right lipstick shade : Warm skin toned

Warm skin toned people

This means that your undertone is greenish or yellowish. For such undertones, light coral, peachy nude, peachy pink and coral for a light or simple look but if you going for a fierce or bold look, nude brown, warm brown, and peachy brown is the way to go.


How to pick the right lipstick shade : Lipstick colors for warm and cool undertones

Lipstick colors for warm and cool undertones



So as much as there are guides (not rules!) to choosing the right lipstick color, you can totally try out other lipstick colors and see if you love the way they look on you. It’s also a good practice to study people with same skin color as you and look at lipstick colors that look good on them, they might just look good on you too.

These are some really easy and reliable ways to know what lipstick colors would look good on you.

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10 thoughts on “HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT LIPSTICK SHADE FOR YOUR SKIN TONE…see the right lipstick shade for your skin tone

  1. Annie says:

    Great post! Very helpful!

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      Thank you very much Annie

  2. Mammypi says:

    I love your blog and hope to visit more often for beauty tips

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      Wow..thanks mammypi, am happy you love my blog and I won’t disappoint.?

  3. electron says:

    what kind of lipstick should a guy put on?

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      Hello Electron ?
      These lipstick guides also apply to guys as much as it does to girls. As far as you can tell what your skin shade is, you would totally rock on any lipstick for your shade.
      I hope I answered your question Elecron, thanks for your comment.?

  4. Steffi says:

    Thanks for this! I’m cool-skinned, too… but sometimes it’s still fun to play around with unexpected shades you wouldn’t normally wear: A pro make-up artist recently used a peachy-orange shade on me and I was like “ewww”, but it actually looked pretty good! 🙂

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      Hello Steffi ?
      I totally agree with playing with colors cos there’s really fun in that right? ☺
      Like I mentioned, these are only guides and not “rules”, but it’s cool to just keep these in mind.
      Thanks for your comment.?

  5. Katie H says:

    I love the charts of colors with the skin tones. It’s so helpful!

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      Thank you very much Katie H

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