The winter/ harmattan season is the most dreaded when it comes to the lips. If the weather is on your side, the lips might just get really dry or cracked but if it’s not, it might just start bruising and probably the lip skin would begin peeling off. That kind of lip will definitely not look good on a lipstick.

Naturally, the lips being super-sensitive requires care and constant attention especially during the winter and dry season and not applying a lipstick properly is one of the many things that can damage your lips.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid before applying lipstick.

mistakes you make before applying lipstick


  • Not exfoliating your lips

Exfoliating the lips is like the number one beauty tip. If you are ignoring others, you mustn’t ignore this very one. If you don’t exfoliate your lips, your lips will look chapped and pale and no lipstick will look good or last long on your lips

  • How to exfoliate the lips  

There are several ways of exfoliating the lips but the one I recommend cos it really worked for my very dry lips is the sugar + honey + coconut oil lip scrub.

Mix one tea spoon of honey, one tea spoon of coconut oil and two tea spoons of  granulated white sugar and mix together properly.

Scrub your lips with the mixture just before starting off with your makeup and wipe off with a clean towel before applying your lipstick.

Get the details onlip exfoliation k in my post how to keep healthy lips this harmattan season with this easy DIY lip scrub.

diy lip scrub

  • Licking your lips

This is very common and probably done unconsciously most times but it is total not advisable especially during the dry season. When you lick your lips, the saliva evaporates in no time leaving your lips very dry and then prone to tear or get chopped.

  • Not using lip balm

Lip balm helps to keep the lips soft and hydrated all day. This will not only protect your lips from breaking, it will also make your lipstick look better on you.

Note here that you shouldn’t apply too much lip balm before applying your lipstick, if possible use a clean towel or tissue to dab the surface of your lips after applying as too much lip balm will make your lipstick wear off before the day runs out.

So these are some really common mistakes that you should totally avoid especially during this winter/harmattan season. I realy hope they can be of great help.

Do you have other tips that is working for you? Please share with us on the comment box below, will be happy to read what works for you.

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