9 common mistakes you make while applying your eye makeup

9 common mistakes you make while applying your eye makeup

When it comes to eye makeup, there is a lot to learn and a lot of practice to do as well which is why it is considered one of the hardest makeup to do. Most times, we just decide not to do the eye makeup at all because we know how stressful it can be but as makeup lovers, we always end up doing it right?..?

Very little things differentiates a pro makeup artist from a “non pro” and these things can be due to little mistakes or some tips that one does not know or just completely ignores.

Well, this post is here to point out common mistakes you make while applying your eye makeup and how these mistakes can be avoided and even why they shouldn’t be ignored. So, let’s dive right in.


  1. Applying eyeshadow on the eyelid in a zigzag motion instead of dabbing.

One very common mistake people make is applying eye shadow in a zigzag (to and fro) motion instead of dabbing it on the eyelids. Dabbing eyeshadow on the eyelids reduces the rate at which eyeshadow falls on the face. It also helps it to stick better to the eyelids.

  1. Not using a light color before a dark one while transitioning

This is another common mistake, which when avoided can make a lot of difference in the end result.

When applying color for transition, it is best to start with a lighter color before applying a darker shade and an even darker one if you wish to make it more pronounced.

Remember to blend one color in properly  with a blending brush before applying another color. If a dark color is applied first, it becomes difficult to blend and it tends to form a steep line  on the eyelids and the colors will not be properly blended.

Note that all the colors you use must be in the same color family to get a form of evenness in your eyeshadow.

  1. Not using colors that complement on the eyelid.

When applying color on the eyelid, it is important to put the color wheel in mind. This will help you to tell colors that would complement each other. Colors that complements on the color wheel are always opposite each other.

If you don’t use colors that complement, you end up with an awkward looking eyeshadow finish. Trust me..you seriously don’t want that.

complementary colors on the color wheel

Complementary colors on the color wheel

With a lot of practice and experience, you wouldn’t be needing any color wheel to work with, so if you are a beginner at doing eye makeup, it’s always best to start out right.

  1. Using too many Colors on the eyelid.

So there might not be a law or rule indicating the number of eyeshadow colors that must be used during eye makeup but we all know that “too many cooks spoils the broth”. This also applies to makeup. Applying too many colors spoils the entire look.

You can use one color on the lid and a darker shade at the outer V of the eyes and a bright color on the inner end of the eye to make the eyes pop and alert.

Some professionals love to use two colors on the lid just before the outer V. That is also fine, but whatever you do, keep it simple and beautiful.

  1. Applying too much color under the eye.

When creating an eye look and you want to make it look round, it’s OK to apply one or more of the colors you used on your eyelid under your eyelid. This again should be done with care.

Eye makeup with color under the eye

Eye makeup with color under the eye

When you apply too much color under the eyelid, you will end up with eyes that look pale or sleepy.

  1. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color.

This is another very common mistake. While brown eyes are not selective at all as any eyeshadow color complements just fine, other eye colors such as blue eyes, grey eyes and dark brown eyes looks best on certain colors.

  • Blue eyes (all light neutral tones complement blue eyes).
  • Grey eyes (sooty, smoky eyes complement/enhance grey eyes )
  • Brown eyes (Anything goes for brown eyes)
  • Dark brown eyes (bright colors are best for brown eyes)

Few colors however complements any eye color so you don’t have to worry about your eye color when working with these. For more information on that, see a whole post on eyeshadow colors that complements all eye colors and looks good on any dress.

  1. Not using the right brush

This is very important but yet highly ignored. No matter how good you are, the type of brush you use to create a particular effect matters a lot if you want to have a perfect look. I know that there are so many brushes and you find it difficult knowing which one does what, but not to worry, go check out basic makeup brushes every girl should have and how to use them.

  1. Improper blending.

Blending is very important while doing your eye makeup. What differentiates a professional from a learner is her ability to blend.

What are you blending? You are blending two or more eyeshadow colors together to form an even gradient such that you cannot tell where one eyeshadow color stops and where another begins.

How do you blend? First off, you want to use the right brush, a blending brush. A blending brush is fluffy and full with a pointed end to make it easy to use. See more about this brush and how to use it here

Blending does not only involve sweeping through the eyeshadow from left to write, also make small circular movements on the eyelids for a more perfect blend.

  1. Using the eyeshadow brush to apply shimmery eyeshadow or glitters without wetting it.

So this is another little makeup secrete to make eyeshadow application easier and neater. Make sure your eyeshadow brush is moist before applying your shimmery eyeshadow or glitters to reduce the amount of eyeshadow that will fall on the face while applying it.

You might also want to take a look at my post on Simple eye makeup training for beginners. Its a great read as well.

If you got a new makeup tip and trick from this post, kindly share to your friends. Feel free to ask questions or contribute to the post in the comment section.

Thanks for your time.

Until next time, much love.



  1. You’re right I always skip the eye part of makeup because it takes up a lot of time and sometimes they don’t match especially brows lol. Getting a bit better though.

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      I know right?? I do that too, but I make it good enough whenever I decide to do my eye makeup.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Erin says:

    Great tips for the new year!

    1. Sylvia Atakpor says:

      Thank you. Happy New year to you Erin.

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