2017 happened to be one of the best years of my life and I can’t appreciate God enough for his graces and mercies the whole time. I made some new friends (that were super awesome) and sadly I lost some too. Some became closer and others became distant, what can I say, life happen.

Financially, 2017 was terrible. I seem not to be the only one talking about it cos I know a lot others that had the same complaint and I can only wonder why and hope for a better financial status this year.

Truth is I never thought of doing this but I was inspired by a beautiful fashion blogger, Seyi from The daily Seyi, and is something I want to adopt. She said and I quote “I am a firm believer in being held accountable for things. If I tell someone I am going to do a certain thing, something in my mind goes GIRL, YOU BETTER DO THAT THING!”.

I know how I procrastinate most times and am taking this up as a challenge to make sure I do what I say I will do.

So…about my goals. Sometimes, I just sit and many different ideas begin to come to mind, maybe not organized but they just keep on popping in and it feels like my head is going to burst. Then I get confused and I don’t know where to start. Here are some “popped in” plans I have made that I will make sure by God’s grace to accomplish this year.

Sylvia speaks. My 2018 goals

  • Spiritual goals

I put this first because He (God) should and must be put first in everything. Since I created my blog some 3 months back (especially the first month), I typically didn’t have time for me and for God. I must confess that I noticed it but I was so overwhelmed about the blog and making it perfect by learning a lot of things about blogging and most times will be like “God you understand ba?” and then I feel this tap on my back and a voice saying “Yes dear, I do”.(Maybe that’s just me encouraging myself though…).

As much as I would have loved to tell you that for a change,  I would join at least 5 societies in church, I will do this and that, I can’t cos right now, I don’t even know, but what I do know is that I would be closer to Him in terms of prayer and some quality time on His Word.

Sylvia speaks. My 2018 goals

Sylvia speaks. My 2018 goals

  • Financial goals

If there is something I keep on appreciating myself for, it is that I decided to start up a small business for myself, blogging. This blog is still very new and up till this time, I have not had any financial benefits from it but I am not the least troubled.

This year, I will be implementing a lot of website monetization strategies to see which one would work the best.  The bulk of the money will at the end of the day be invested in the blog. Am talking about buying eBooks, paying for certain trainings and other materials (a good camera being one of them) to grow and maintain a successful blog.

But of course, it’s not all about the blog, I would invest some into making life more comfortable and juicy (if you know what I mean..lol). As this is my final year in school, if my finances allow, I would love to make it so much fun and one that I will live to remember and tell the story to my kids.

Sylvia speaks. My 2018 goals

Sylvia speaks. My 2018 goals

  • Mental goals

I find this awkward cos it’s not something I have really sat down to think about before but now that I am writing about it, why not.

My mom and sisters thinks that I am quick to trust and I end up getting hurt by those who don’t appreciate it or reciprocate.

Over the years including last year, I have done certain things you can consider crazy and might be like “who does that?” (Which I now think was crazy too by the way) and I have decided to stop or rather “work on”. I really wish I could give you details of all the incidents but let’s just leave it at this one example.

Last year I paid a photographer his full cash for a 1 hour shot. I had this mindset that we were friends and I could trust him and just pay him full while I wait for the photos. This might be the part where you say “who does that?”. Well, Sylvia did. Anyway, I finally got those photos after so many calls and quarrels and as if that wasn’t enough, they were not properly worked on. So now you understand.

I would also love to build on how I associate with friends. I sometimes find it hard making new friends but I want to change that. Am now open to have new friends and associate with as many people as I can but at the same time not force my friendship on anyone (be them old friends or new friends).

Sylvia Speaks. My 2018 goals

Sylvia Speaks. My 2018 goals

  • Blogging goals

For now, I put up two blog post per week (Tuesday: fashion tips, Friday: makeup tips) but I plan on making it 3 or 4 when I will be graduating and have more time for myself and the blog.



These are my goals for 2018 which I will update if another thing flies into my mind. It was fun writing this post and I hope you enjoy the read and hopefully was a source of encouragement to you.

I hope to do this every beginning of the year as my first blog post to kick start the New Year.

And oh..I recently created a group for my fellow makeup lovers on Facebook where we would be discussing about makeup and the best makeup products to use as well as help each other out by giving makeup tips and tricks. Are you interested? Cool..join the Makeup Lovers Support Group. That name is subject to change though because I think I can come up with a better name.

Let’s do this again next year (smiles) but visit often to see my awesome posts on fashion and makeup.

All photos taken by @electronphotography

Happy New year Beautiful people.

Until next time, much love.