how to choose the right foundation for yourself

how to choose the right foundation for yourself

Its finally weekend! Phew. Its been one stressful weak for me because of classes mixed with project and blogging…you can just imagine right? So there has been a lot of questions and talk about foundation and choosing the right one on my Facebook group Makeup Lovers Support Group, so I thought I should write a post about it.

To do a flawless makeup, you need to work with the foundation that suits you because no matter how good you are, the wrong foundation color can spoil everything (or almost everything). So here are different simple tips for you to be able to choose the right foundation for yourself.

Know your skin type.

This is an important factor to consider before getting a foundation for yourself. For those with dry skin, go for a liquid foundation which would give your face the moisture it need for a flawless and matte finish. If you have an oily skin, go for a powder foundation. This will help to absorb the extra shine and oil and give you a flawless finish as well.

Test different shades on your cheeks.

This is like the easiest and most useful ways to go about getting the right foundation color for yourself. The foundation product should be tested on the cheeks and not on the hand, as most people do. The foundation color that is right for your skin color will disappear completely into the skin without little or no blending.

Use your skin undertone.

Please note here that your skin tone is different from your skin undertone. Its pretty easy to know your skin undertone and I listed several ways for which you can know your skin’s undertone in my previous post on how to know your skin’s undertone and why you should know it before getting your makeup products.

If your are cool toned, then you should go for a pink based foundation while if you are warm toned, go for peach or yellow based foundation. For people with neutral undertone, a yellow based foundation is most likely the best for you.

Decide on the kind of coverage

This is mostly ignored but is quite important for you to know especially if you are a makeup artist. For a light/simple look, go for a light weighted foundation and if you have some spots or blemishes that you wish to hide, then you really want to go for a medium or full coverage foundation, depending on how bad it is.

Ask a professional

If you are finding it really difficult getting the right color for yourself, then ask a professional in the makeup field that you trust can give you the right advice. I used to always rely on the sales person to do that for me but not all were right and I ended up getting the wrong foundation for myself. So asking a professional is important.

Go online.

If you are not sure and unable to find yourself a professional, you can browse the internet for the right foundation product for you online. You can simply ask google or ask questions in platforms such as Quora, AskMetafilter and others.

I hope that these tips would be of help in finding the right foundation for yourself. If you got something new from this post, please do well to share to your friends.

Was getting the right foundation an issue before now? and have you passed through some not-so-good experience because of a wrong foundation? Let us know in the comment box below. You can also give me a Kudos or a hi-5 int he comment box if you enjoyed the read like I enjoyed writing it (smiles). talking too much now(sigh).. Thanks for stopping by sweet (kisses).

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