How to increase self confidence with personal style

How to increase self confidence with personal style.

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We are all different and we should be proud of these differences because they are what make each of us unique. Still, it looks like today people are lacking imagination, at least when it comes to personal style, and they are content with copying a look that they consider to be ‘popular’. It is difficult to find something unique, but that is exactly what personal style is supposed to be about – showing the world how special you are. When you’re unapologetically yourself, you’re calmer and more confident, and others will notice you more.

how to increase self confidence

Have a makeover

We all feel better when our hair is flawless and our skin is glowing, but from time to time, we need a change to make us realize how good we actually look. When you’re feeling low, treat yourself to a makeover, even a small one. Book an appointment in a hair salon and talk to a professional hairdresser about what hairstyle and hair colour would look good on you.

Have a manicure and a pedicure, and try a different makeup look from the one you’ve been wearing for a long time. Sometimes even the smallest change can make you feel better, and pampering ourselves is something we should all strive to occasionally do.

how to increase self confidence

Pick the right clothes

Sometimes all it takes to make us feel confident is the right outfit. While most of us feel comfortable in oversized hoodies and tights, we can’t always go around wearing them day after day. Aussie women know the struggle, and their outfits are always a wonderful combination of laid-back style and dazzling elegance: swimsuits, short shorts, flowy skirts, and floral dresses paired with designer handbags and luxurious heels.

You can try wearing a specific colour when you want to feel good: a red and black outfit will make you look sophisticated and feel confident, and comfortable shoes with a matching purse will add elegance without effort.

how to increase self confidence

Consider your lifestyle

Your style should be a representation of your way of life, but it should also be a reflection of your creativity and personality. When you’re about to change your style, take into account your workplace, your culture, and the country you live in; otherwise you might find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Another important thing is to be honest and admit to yourself how much time you can actually spend on hair and makeup every day, so that you always have time to beautify yourself and not be late for school or work day after day.


how to increase self confidence

Decorate your body


Piercings and tattoos are among the most popular ways of decorating one’s body, and people all over the world are using these means to express themselves. Scandinavians are embracing their Viking roots, Chinese people tattoo dragons and snakes for protection, British people love to experiment with different styles, and there’s big interest in Japanese tattoos in Sydney as well. If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, book an appointment and talk to a professional about what your dream tattoo would look like. If you’re shy, pick a spot that’s easy to cover up or choose a piercing instead, as piercings can easily be taken out if the situation calls for it.

Adapt, don’t replicate

Trends are popular and widespread for a reason: they are cute, they look good, and they make people want to try them out. Still, if you start following trends blindly, you’ll end up losing your uniqueness and you’ll look like millions of others. Instead of replicating popular looks you see all around, why not adapt them to fit your own style instead? Do a popular makeup look, but with different colours, add your own touch to a hairstyle everyone’s wearing, combine new with vintage clothes and don’t be afraid to completely ignore a trend if you don’t like it.

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover, and we do our best to keep an open mind when it comes to other people and their personal style. While it’s easy to get carried away and simply follow and copy the most popular trend, if you make an effort and try expressing yourself, you will feel better and your self confidence will be much higher. By staying true to yourself, you are sending a message that what’s important is expressing yourself, and not blindly following trends.


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