How To Use Concealer To Prime Your Eyes… To be as perfect as using your eye primer. Makeup hacks you should know.

How To Use Concealer To Prime Your Eyes... To be as perfect as using your eye primer.

how to use concealer to prime your eyes to be as perfect as using eye primer

Hello pretties.

It’s been quite a lovely week,  although there has been alot of rain these past days in Edo state. I guess we’re in the rainy season already.

So I have been creating different  makeup looks on different  models recently and I must say that I enjoy every bit of every makeup session because aside  from learning something new,  I also get to make my models smile (trust me,  it’s a nice feeling). You can check them out on my makeup page @kesymakeover

I want to let you in on a little secrete. I have not used eye primer since I started makeup  and my eyeshadow comes out just right.  So I want to share with you how you can prime your eyes using your concealer.

1. Your brows

I always like to start with my brows.  I do my brows and conceal to properly define my brows before going ahead to my eyes.  I go first with my brows so I don’t end up ruining my eyeshadow or any part of my makeup towards the end of the makeup.  I just find it convenient  though.

how to use concealer to prime your eyes

Draw the brows

2. Apply Concealer on the entire eyelid

After working on the brows,  take the same concealer and apply all over the eyelids.  I like to extend this to outside of the eyes too.

Then continue  applying  and blending with your concealer brush until you notice  an even smoothness on the eyelids.

how to use concealer to prime your eyes

Apply concealer on the eyelid

3. Smoothen out with Your Beauty Blender

This is optional but to create a smoother surface for the eyeshadow, take your beauty blender and lightly dab over the surface of the eyelids to remove any clustering or thickness.

4. Apply Powder

Some concealers can be wattery and difficult  to work with sometimes so you would want to lock the concealer in place using your face powder.

It’s better to use the powder that is lighter than your skin by a tone or two. .

To do this,  use your powder brush or any big fluffy brush that you have and dab the powder on your eyelids.

Please note that you Must Not apply it in a sweep or zigzag  manner.  Instead,  dab the powder over your eyelids.

So after following these simple steps,  you are all set to apply your eye makeup.


This is the finished and edited look of the makeup


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