Creating a perfect eye makeup has alot to do with how the final look will be.

No doubt the eye primer has been known to be the perfect foundation for the eyeshadow which is very true, alot of well known makeup artist prefer to use the concealer to prime their eyes before applying foundation.

I want to let you in on a little secrete of mine.

Since I started my career as a makeup artist,  my concealer has always been my go-to product for priming and preparing my eyes for eyeshadow.

So,  I will be sharing with you how I prime my eyes with my concealer and prepare my eyelids for my eyeshadow.

Here we go.

1. Your brows

I always like to start with my brows.  I do my brows and conceal to properly define my brows before going ahead to my eyesshadow.

I like to do my brows first so I don’t end up ruining my eyeshadow or any part of my makeup while trying to draw and conceal my brows.

I just find it convenient  though.

2. Apply Concealer on the Entire Eyelid

After working on the brows,  take the same concealer and apply evenly all over the eyelids.  I like to extend this outside my eyelids to give it an even blend with my skin.

3. Smoothen Out With Your Beauty Blender

I do this to give my eyelids a smooth surface for my eyeshadow.

This also helps to reduce the concentration of the concealer on the eyes just in case I applied too much.

Too much concealer can change the color of the eyeshadow that is to be applied.

To do this, make small dabs from the inner part of the eyelids to the outer parts of the eyelids.

Be sure not to put too much effort so you don’t ruin it.

Blend out the concealer, kesyhub

Blend out the concealer, kesyhub

4. Apply Finishing Powder

This is optional but it helps especially if you are working with a watery concealer.

Using a small round brush, take small amounts of finishing powder at a time and dab on the eyelids.

It’s important you do this gradually so you don’t ruin the concealer that you had already blended out.

Apply finishing powder on the blended concealer, Kesyhub

Apply finishing powder on the blended concealer, Kesyhub

Please note that you Must Not apply it in a sweep or zigzag  manner.  Instead,  dab the powder over your eyelids.

So after following these simple steps,  you are all set to apply your eye makeup.


You can visit my instagram page @kesyhub to see various eyeshadow looks I have created with concealer as my primer.

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