Happy birthday Kesyhub

Happy birthday Kesyhub

Hello sweethearts. Would like to be your calendar today. It is the 17th of April, 2018. Today is like every other day but it is very special to me because today officially makes it one year since I started my blog, Kesyhub (Yeeey……”Dancing”). Join me in saying ” Happy birthday Kesyhub “…(smiles).

"Happy birthday Kesyhub


Happy birthday Kesyhub

I love Kesyhub so much because it reminds me of the time I finally decided to brace up and pursue one of my dreams; becoming a blogger. It felt so good that I decided to put on such responsibility on myself and that I was ready to work hard to make my own money. What am trying to say is eh..e sweet me (smiles).



Kesyhub is a fashion and beauty blog.


Kesyhub is here to talk about fashion trends, what to wear in what season, how to wear it and accessories that would work with it. It is not restricted to what you wear, there are post that has to do with your mood and how it affects your outfit like Your dressing and your mood, how they affect each other. Kesyhub is here to answer to many questions regarding your dressing, style and fashion in general.


Kesyhub is also a beauty blog with much emphasis on facial beauty. I happen to be a great lover of makeup, cosmetics and anything that has to do with beautifying the face. Over the years, I have had little experience with makeup and facial treatment, I am still learning of course to serve you better. Kesyhub gives me the opportunity to share the little knowledge I have to everyone and by so doing, learn more.


So far, what I have achieved from owning this blog is getting to meet and relate with other bloggers, collaborate with them and I received 2 blogger recognition awards. I was also featured on a post on lookvine blog some months back.

I take is as an achievement that I write stuffs that thousands of people in the world have come to read. People like my posts, comment and even share my posts. I mean…its exciting. Sometimes I search the web and I bump into a post that I have written and I feel like a happy and fulfilled blogger. But no…I have not had any monetary achievement yet, but I am working hard to achieve that as well.

Happy birthday Kesyhub


Of course I see bigger bloggers everyday on my Instagram, Facebook and twitter. They serve as a strong inspiration to me and they have set standards for smaller bloggers like me to follow. “Everything in life is gradual”, I would say to myself and I will get there soon. That would of course not go without much hard work which I am willing to put into this blog. I follow up on their posts and try my best to learn something new because they have been into the business long before I went in.


My only regret is that I didn’t pay as much attention to Kesyhub as much as I hoped I would this past year. One of the basic reasons was because of school work. It’s not easy being an engineering final year student, trust me. I graduated recently, some weeks back so that would definitely change.



Like I mentioned earlier, school was one of them. Other factors included not having my own camera to take photos for my blog. There was also the financial aspect because as a blogger, you have to be online constantly and drop posts every other day and of course a lot of data is used up every day. With the high cost of data in this part of the country, you will understand what I mean.

There is also the light issue. Sometimes my phone and laptop is dead on a day I am supposed to drop a blog post, it can be really frustrating. There’s more but let me stop here.

Happy birthday Kesyhub


I have a lot of plans for Kesyhub this new year. Plans that would make Kesyhub more exciting and at the same time meet your needs and of course would make you want to come back. Major changes I would be making to Kesyhub are

  • I would be making a lot of changes to the interface of the blog i.e. add some more beauty and aesthetics to the blog.
  • Adding another section to the blog I titled “small talks with Kesy”. It is an interactive session where we get to talk about a particular topic and anyone is allowed to join in on the discussion by placing their comment on the post. The talk can be on anything at all. You can also email me on a topic you would like to talk about. Sounds like fun right?
  • Trying to use my own images instead of borrowing from the web.
  • Doing giveaways on the blog. It can be a personal giveaway or a collaborative one with other bloggers. Speaking of a giveaway, I would soon be opening up to do a one-month free advert to three (3) online brands. Would let you know when Kesyhub is ready and the terms and conditions that apply.
  • Of course to give you more and more and more contents that would be of help to you.



One of the best thing anyone can do for themselves is become a boss lady i.e. own your own business. Online business is one of the trending things right now and if you are thinking of owning an online platform, you are on point and in the right direction.

Blogging is not easy at all. It is time consuming and needs a lot of your attention especially at the early stage of blogging. If you have the passion and the drive, you will make it as a very successful blogger someday.


Thank you very much darl for finding out time to read this post which means you actually celebrated Kesyhub’s plus one with me (blushed). Would also love to use this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me since the time I started this blog to this very day. Much thanks to all my lovely family members including my uncles, Dr Edmund Atakpor and Mr Patrick Umukoro, to Oki-Peter Ejiroghene and all the Okis, Mr Pius junior, Mr Nnamdi Osu, Noble, and everyone in DSI hub, Asaba where I did my Industrial training. To Ayo and in fact all my course mates. Yvonne Uti has also been a strong support, to mention but a few. Thank you all again and I hope I don’t disappoint you guys.


So if you have any questions, words of encouragement or some love for me or even a simple congratulation to your girl, please do drop it in the comment section below.

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