Who would have thought that a dress from the 50s could look so chick!

How to style a dress from the fifties.

I fell in love with this dress from the day I got it. It was like love at first site!

Here’s a small story about this dress.
I was out the day before Christmas 2019 and was passing by my Mummy’s friend’s boutique, Purple Rose Boutique and I decided to say “hi”.

She was happy to see me as I was to see her (because it had been a while).

Happy girl in a beautiful dress.

She welcomed me warmly and after asking about school and life generally, she told me to come get a dress of my choice the next week.

Trust Delta girls na, my eyes started going round that minuite to see what I would take.. Lol.
Fast fowaed to the day, I got to the shop and after trying out a few, she brought out this pretty dress and like I said, I fell in love. Wasn’t even interested in trying out another.

It was that bad!

This beautiful dress is light weighted and does not absorb much heat. The beauty about the dress is that it has good landing and is not at all transparent.


How To Style This Dress And Where You Can Wear It To.

Give yourself a classy and bold look by styling with heels and a bag to match.

Get a classy and bold look with heels.

Can be worn to work on any day of the week and to church on sunday.

It can also be worn to any dinner party in the evening with a clutch purse or to a wedding party during the day with your hand bag.

Flats can very well match up too!
At purple rose boutique, you can get this dress in same colour as mine and in other colors at a very affordable price.

She also has beautiful collection of tops, dresses, skirts and trousers for women and children including babies.

I can’t help but mention the beautiful shoes, flats and heels in there too and bags of different patterns, sizes and colors.

I strongly recommend you pay her a visit and you can go to her shop at Purple Rose Boutique along Amai road, opposite Alumona street, Obiaruku, Delta State.

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