You must agree with me that this one is sensitive.
Let’s be serious right now, if your “future in-laws” despises you completely, would you go ahead and marry your dream guy?
I don’t know about you guys but the thought of it is scary.

So you have found the right person, your Mr, Miss perfect.
You guys have known each other for long and have been planning to tie the knot and all that.
You finally take him/her home and it’s obvious that your family is not happy with the person you bring home.
Reason being anything at all or probably there’s no reason at all.

Sister, brother would you go ahead with that marriage?
They say when you get married to someone, you are actually getting married to the entire family.
Would you marry into this family or is their bad attitude towards you enough to end a beautiful relationship.
Take your time and think about it and let’s hear what u think in the comment section below.
It’s an interesting topic already, let’s make it exciting too.