Am certain that you would scream “God forbid ” or exclaim something else if someone told you about having a surgery.

Well, I know I would.

It seems to be what’s trending recently though and alot of people especially celebrities and rich ladies engage in it and proudly say they did.

Of course everyone loves to look beautiful.

Ladies especially love it when they have beautiful curves with the right amount of fats in the right places.

I really do understand that.

But a surgery to make this happen??

A lot of women do not feel good about themselves, hence are pressured into performing surgery on themselves.

Is that a good enough reason to tamper with one’s body parts?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Funny thing is that some ladies who don’t really need it also perform this surgery on themselves.

Naturally, when you see a lady with beautiful body curves, you tend to admire and most likely complement that person on her looks.

Now if you come to realize that those aren’t her real looks, it’s fake.

Like her body has been tampered with, will you still feel the need to complement that lady?

So guys, how do you feel about a lady that has tampered with her body parts in the name of beautification??

I am sure that you have your own view on this topic.

Will be in the comments section as usual.
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