valentine makeup look book

Creating a Valentine makeup look surely revolves around the colors red and white.

Putting that in mind, I decided to play with those colors in a dramatic manner.

In a way as to tell a story or make a statement.

valentine makeup look book
look 3

I created look 3 with the intention of connecting the mind and the lips.

Someone that thinks of love definitely professes it at one point or another.

So I made the shape of love on my head with the colors that matter of course.

To do this, I drew it first with my eye pencil and afterwards filled it in with the colors.

valentine makeup look book
valentine makeup look book

Just like I did in look 2.

I made my eyes pop with the same colors. Making sure that they were both properly represented.

Finished off the look with red lipstick on my upper lips and filled in my lower lips with the white eyeliner white liquid eyeliner.

I hope you love the look, please say something about it in the comment section below.

valentine makeup look book
valentine makeup look book

Until next time, xoxo.