Floral dresses

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Floral print dresses offer an exciting chance to add colour and contrast to your look, and while they are connected to love and romance, any girl can make the most out of this colourful design. The right accessories are, of course, important, and with that in mind, here are some inspiring ideas on creating an attractive look with a floral print dress.

Larger Flower Patterns

Dresses with large flower patterns are best suited for petite girls, and with the gorgeous 2019 plus size prom dresses you can get at Peaches Boutique, a smaller flower print looks better. Of course, you have to decide on a main colour, which might be red, green, or even yellow, and with the right accessories, you can create a uniquely refreshing look that is perfect for spring and summer wear.

Lighter Colours

White background floral pattern dresses hide bulges well, and if you are a plus size, choosing a light background colour will give a more slimline impression. Neutral colours like black, beige, white and silver all complement a light coloured floral pattern, and a session in front of a full-length mirror will allow you to experiment with your accessories.


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Choosing the right jewellery for a floral pattern dress can seem a little daunting, as the dress is already making a bold statement, and by toning down your jewellery, you’re not distracting from the bright and flowery effect you are trying to achieve. Simple drop earrings and a thin necklace with a single pendant will not take anything away from the floral pattern, and the general rule is, less is more. Simple, classic jewellery always looks in proportion with the summery look, and it will not detract from the obvious fashion statement you are making.


Wearing a Belt

Wearing a belt with a floral pattern dress is a great way to break up the pattern, while also accentuating your curves, and with a contrasting colour, you can add some balance. A thick fabric belt works well, as does a thin silver belt with a nice overhanging length to run down your side. There are attractive floral outfits you can find online that might give you some inspiration, with over one hundred images of floral print outfits.


Dark colours will complement the floral pattern, and avoid altogether shoes with any kind of floral hint, as flowery shoes will simply be too much. Select one of the foundation colours of the print to be the main shoe colour and you will find the look is balanced and with not too much of any single colour, your shoes will go well with the outfit.


Image Source: Unsplash

If you have yet to decide on the floral pattern dress you intend to wear, there are online designer dress retailers who have an extensive catalogue of floral print dresses in all colours and styles, and buying from an online boutique is usually a little cheaper than the traditional High Street retailer. Once you have acquired the dress, then you can begin to think about how best to accessorise, and with the above advice in mind, your new look will be a hit.

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