Ankara mix and match styles

Ankara styles continue to evolve each year and beautiful styles keep on popping up every other day. These celebrities showed us how to slay on them.

Don’t get it confused, Ankara mix and match is the new thing in the African fashion industry. 

Ankara mix and match is an outfit ( skirt,  pants, top) that have been made out of two or more fabrics. 

It’s as simple as mixing any two Ankara materials together keeping in mind that these materials should look good together (i.e match).

So many beautiful and breathtaking styles and patterns have been made over time and alot more is being expected. 

In this post, I would be showing you some trending 2019 ankara mix and match outfits styled with beautiful accessories to inspire your fashion style. 

Ankara mix and match styles

1. How better can one slay on this gorgeous African print mix and match flared dress. We love it and we know you do too. 😊😊



2. Creativity at its peak. Don’t you just love this African print mix and match fitted dress with flared hands. 



3. This is a photo of a typical African women slaying on her beautiful Ankara mix and match kimono jacket and pallazo pants. See other african plus size ladies that slayed on Ankara.


ankara mix and match



4. Look professional and chic at the same time with this beautiful African print mix and match top and pant.


5. Beautiful African print mix and match tops styled on jean pant. We have so many other Ankara top styles that was styled on jeans you have to see. 

6. In my post on Ankara Jackets and how to style them, I talked about how Ankara jackets can be styled. This ankara mix and match jacket is one to have in ur closet. 

african print female jacket

7. Don’t you just love the color combination. Look chic with this African print dress mixed with African print skirt. 

8. Can’t stop loving this simple yet classy and beautifully designed African print mix and match dress. 

9. Awwwn…  This long and super flared African print mix and match dress is just adorable. 


10. Don’t you just love the way everything about her outfit just adds up. African print mix and match dresses can be worn for work. 


11. There is no limit to the styles you can create with Ankara and this is just gorgeous. 

Ankara mix and match outfits


12. Happy girls are the prettiest especially when they are slaying on their African print mix and match dress. 


13. Here is something you should have in your wardrobe. Don’t you think

14. If you love jumpsuits, then this is for you. You’re welcome 😊

15. Am loving this cross neck jumpsuit. Not to mention the color combination, just awesome. 


16. How beautiful can Ankara mix and match look?  Slay this 2019 with this ankara mix and match design. 

17. Baloon hands just refused to go out of trend. Get this outfit and slay! 

18. Flared gowns are just awesome especially when you have them mixed with the right material. 


19. We love how the colors just go together and this would look lovely for Sunday service. 


20. Look chic and smart with this style on. This outfit can be worn to church and to work. 

21. This multi pleats top is awesome and it looks perfect on the Ankara pencil skirt.

22. If you are looking to look simple and yet classy on a working day or even to an outing, try this outfit out! 

23. Outfit goals for this season. Don’t you agree? 

24. Looking to slay to work on a Monday morning? Then try this out. You will thank me later. 

25. This is a perfect mix of materials and the colors just complements each other. 

26. Material with a touch of Ankara creates a whole new stylish concept. Ankara mix and match tops inspire you this season. 

27. Another outfit that can serve so many purposes. 

28. This outfit is not at all selective .Can be worn to any occasion and would look good on anyone. Try this out this season. 

29. Styles and patterns made out of Ankara mix and match is limitless. This is one u should totally try out. 

30. Another Ankara mix and match outfits to wow you. Don’t you just love these beauties.


31. This got me staring.  This ankara mix and match dress with sweetheart design at the top is a winner. 

32. This ankara mix and match skirt is something that should be in your wardrobe. You would thank yourself for making one. 

33. Get yourself ready as a wedding guest or for a get together with friends or even to a major event in town with this beautiful jumpsuit. 


34. This dress just adds up all the beautiful colors in one outfit. Consider this when you are working to get yourself a floral dress this season. 

35. The photo tells it all. Off shoulder long sleeve top on a long skirt. Truly an outfit to try out. 

36. Collar long sleeve top on pants can look this beautiful. Try this out .


These are the 2019 Ankara mix and match outfits that you should try out in 2019.

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Until next time, xoxo. 



Ankara mix and match styles

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