The Mariam_webstar dictionary defines restyling as “to change or restyle something” and revamping as “to remake or renovate something.” Every once in a while, we should make an effort to  change our wardrobe  and style our outfits differently to create a new look. It doesn’t mean you have to go out shopping and spending all your money on clothes. Restyling and revamping can be so much fun because at the end of the day, you get to create something new and more stylish at the end of the day.

African print outfits can be revamped and restyled too. Also you can add a little bit of African print piece to your English wears to create something new.

I would be sharing with you several ways you can restyle and revamp your African print outfits and add African print accessories to your outfits.

As a bonus, I would be sharing trending African print styles that you can try out to give your wardrobe a whole new look.

Don’t you just love the way the dress is styled with net at the bottom. This is a an outfit you should definitely put in mind when you want to add additional style to your dress.

  1. This is a beautifully styled outfit designed with net in the hands, the puplum and the bottom of the pants. This is a cool way to revamp your outfit.

This beautiful dress looks even more classy with the gathers at the top of the dress. This is another awesome way to restyle your dress.


This is a very creative and innovative way to revamp and restyle your dress. The ankara attached to the hand of the dress gives it an entirely new look.



Here is another outfit idea that you can work with. The top of the outfit is a whole new style or this outfit.


Adding a different material in different areas of your dress always looks stylish. How about this for restyling.


Another beautifully styled outfit. The material at the top only adds beauty to the jumpsuit. Feel free to try this out.


One dress with two different looks. The power of restyling and revamping.


Another awesome yet beautiful dress. Using another material for the band on the off shoulder is really stylish and a cool way to revamp your dress.


This is come dope level of restyling. Feeling like switching things up a bit, feel free to try this out.


Net always have a way of making your outfit look really cute. Adding net to your dress is a whole new way of revamping your dress.


Your outfit always looks better with a touch of Ankara. Don’t you agree.


Very beautifully styled shirt worn on ankara skirt. This is  a stylish and awesome way to restyle your top.


The ways of restyling and revamping your outfits with ankara is endless. This is another beautiful way to go about it.


Another beautiful way to add ankara o your dress. Try this out this season to achieve something new.


Cooperate ankara outfit served hot. Try this out to work and be happy you did.


Another beautiful style you should try out this season.


Denim on ankara. How about this for something new? The bow tie makes it even more beautiful.


Here is yet another awesome way of adding ankara to your outfit.


Another net material styled on ankara for the win. Try this out for a change of wardrobe.