Tips For Wearing Art Deco Jewellery

The late 1920s saw Art Deco burst onto the scene, which took its name from the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, held in Paris in 1925. The style involved bold colours and geometric shapes and it influenced all areas of society, including jewellery, architecture, art and even domestic appliances.

Tips For Wearing Art Deco Jewellery

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Here are a few tips for wearing Art Deco jewellery.

Adding A Splash Of Rich Colour

A statement necklace or colourful Art Deco bracelet is the perfect way to inject some colour into your look, and if you would like to view some stunning items, there are reputable shops you can find online that offer authentic jewellery at very affordable prices. They have a great selection of bracelets, brooches, necklaces and diamond engagement and wedding rings, and when buying from a reputable dealer, you are sure that pieces are genuine.


White Gold & Platinum

These are the two predominant metals that were used in Art Deco jewellery production, as the silver hue merged well with the bold geometric shapes and the rich colours of the semi-precious stones that accompanied the use of diamonds. This type of jewellery looks great with a summer tan, and if you would like to add to your Art Deco jewellery collection, search online for an antique dealer that specialises in jewellery.

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Smart Or Casual Wear

Art Deco jewellery can accessorise both smart and casual wear, ideal for the office, the beach party or an evening with friends. Large semi-precious stones are used to great effect in Art Deco pieces, like Amber and Opal, and if you like the gypsy look, Art Deco style jewellery is ideal. If you are thinking of starting a vintage collection, you can find more advice for buying from articles available online.


Great With Dark Garments

If you plan to wear a dark suit or cocktail dress, Art Deco style jewellery is made for this look, and with bold geometric shapes, this is in line with the straight cut of a cocktail dress. If you are looking for the perfect pair of art deco earrings to match your evening dress, search online for a local antique dealer, as they would have a selection of Art Deco jewellery.


Social Events

You might be attending a party given by a work colleague, or the annual golf club gala evening, and with the right outfit, the Art Deco look is both comfortable and suitable. The wonderful thing about Art Deco is that the style goes with every era, from the twenties right through to the eighties. And for the very best in glamourous jewellery, browse the online antique dealer’s website, where you will find many fine examples of this bold style.

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Art Deco jewellery is for the confident woman that feels great in whatever she chooses to wear. With an online antique dealer in your corner, you can always find the right accessories for any event. If you like to add to your vintage jewellery collection when preparing for a special occasion, your local antique dealer is the person to talk to.